Let’s master how to take the tram!

The Chinden where you can use even IC card to pay!
We’ll explain about how to take and how to change the line and also how to use 《TakeTake(tekuteku)-Ticket》.


Route Map


How to take the tram

The entrance of the tram is at the back, while the exit is at the front of the tram.
Therefore, you get on the tram at the back and get off at the front.
You don’t have to pay, when you get on the tram.
You have to pay the fare when you get off.
When you hear “the next station is ○○”, please press the “bell”-button.
※“○○” is the blank where the railway station’s name goes in.

Because Hankai Tramway has a long history, there are different styles of the “bell”-button.

So if you are lucky, you will find the button like that.
Please try to find a button you haven’t known yet!

the fare you need for 1st district.

For adults 200 Yen
For children 100 Yen

When you get off the tram, you have to put the money in the fare-box.
Only at the Tennoji station, you will have to pay the fare at the ticket inspection of the station.
There are so many gadgets which are attached on the fare-box.
Let us explain how they work so that you could get off without problems.

①You can put the fare in this fare-box.(要修正)

②If you have only notes, you can break your notes into coins.
③If you would like to break coins into small coins, you can put the coins here.(要修正)

「Arigatou!(Thanks for operating the tram!)」

how to change the lines

We will explain how to change the line at a connection station (Sumiyoshi, Abikomichi) or how to get from Osaka to Sakai (in case, when you cross Abikomichi and change to the next line).

First, you have to pay the fare for the 2nd district.
The fare within the 2nd district is for adults 200 Yen and for children 100 Yen.

Take the transfer ticket from the gadget “④” and wait for the tram at the connection station.

When the train you want to change to comes, get on the line.
Please take care, that you do not lose your transfer ticket and take it the whole time with you.

When you hear “the next station is ○○”, please press the “bell”-button.
※“○○” is the blank where the railway station’s name goes in.

When you get off, you have to put the transfer ticket into the fare-box.

How to use the “1-Day-Free-Ticket” (TakeTake(tekuteku)-Ticket)

A trip with the tram using the “TakeTake(tekuteku)-Ticket”

Let’s buy the “TakeTake(tekuteku)-Ticket” (600 Yen) for freely changing and stroll around the town!

The “TakeTake(tekuteku)-Ticket” is a ticket, which is limited to one day and allows you to change to all lines (Umemachi-line/Hankai-line).
TakeTake ticket

The fare is as follows:
Adults: 600 Yen
Children: 300 Yen

On the back side of the ticket you will find a scratch.
Please fill in the year, month and day of your ticket and show it to the railwayman, when you get off the lines.
As it will become invalid when you make a mistake, please pay careful attention.画像の説明